Key Stage 3 Art and Design

Year 7

In line with the National Curriculum guidelines students are given the opportunity to experience different approaches to Art and Design.  They explore the visual elements in structured projects by using a variety of media and learning to research visual sources of artists and cultures, from which ideas are developed and final pieces realised.  In Year 7 students will cover topics such as 'Discovering the Arts', a project based on the history of Art which also includes learning how to use different media; 'Signs & Symbols', a project looking at different cultures and how they represent symbols in Art, and 'Urban Concerns’, a sculptural project based on environmental issues.  All students are assessed and graded on their individual achievement, and a final Key Stage level is based on their classwork, homework and examination.

Year 8

During Year 8 students continue to develop their skills using different media and techniques. Students start by completing a Light & Dark project, learning how to use shade accurately in still-life, then developing work in an Op Art style. Students then enhance their understanding of different cultures and create a 3 dimensional mask, and in the final project students explore Illustration within a Graphic Design book project.  The final examination will test students' ability to draw from observation.  All students are assessed on their individual achievement and a final level is based on their classwork, homework and examination.

Year 9

In Year 9 Art and Design is an option subject and students are given the opportunity to develop their skills at a more challenging level.  Each project includes artist research, media experimentation and observational studies, ideas are then developed into a final piece.  Students will cover the topics of Portraiture in the style of 4 different artists and Food & Drink resulting in a 3 dimensional painting.  In the final term students start to complete their GCSE coursework in preparation for their GCSE.  All students are assessed and graded on their individual achievement for classwork and homework; written feedback is continuously given to develop their ability. The final term’s work incorporates their end of year exam which involves creating a large tonal still-life mixed media piece.  


Homework is always a developmental task based on what has been taught in lessons; students are required to do homework to ensure they practise their skills and make the appropriate progress.  Homework is set twice in every 3 weeks and students are expected to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on it in Years 7 & 8 and 1 hour in Year 9.


Throughout the year we run various Art Clubs, from scrapbooking to Textiles Club.

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

The Art curriculum enables students to reflect on their own and others' work; they learn about how different artists and cultures create different styles of work and how art influences today’s society.

Additional Information

Students will require basic art materials to complete their homework, including a pencil, rubber, glue and colouring pencils. Students are also able to do their homework in the Art rooms at lunchtime if they prefer.

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