Christ scollege2021 590The Chaplaincy Team at Christ’s College are a vital part of fulfilling the College’s Christian ethos expressed through its core values of Love, Cooperation, Stewardship, Respect and Service built on the foundation of the Christian faith.

The chaplaincy team contribute significantly to the life, worship and pastoral care of the whole of Christ’s College community, providing support for both students and staff. The team consists of the College Chaplain together with Youth Workers from local churches. It leads on input in Assemblies as well as providing friendship clubs, detached youth work, Youth Alpha, Christian Union, special events weeks, including an annual prayer week and an annual retreat day for each year group off site. These are all made available to every student at the College.

Students and families from the College community are at the centre of all it does. The Chapel is at the heart of our buildings, it is open to everyone whatever their beliefs. We are privileged to have our own purpose-built chapel, which is rare. It is here that many of the chaplaincy activities take place. 

The Chaplaincy Team find it a privilege to offer support, comfort, prayer and a listening ear to all in our College community.


Chaplaincy Team

Rev Sarah Hutton

Our Chaplain, Rev Sarah, has joined the Christ’s College community this year. In a former life she was a Religious Studies teacher. 10 years ago she was ordained and worked as an Ordained Local Minister in a local parish, as well as in Spirituality for Guildford Diocese. The lure of school life has proved too great and she has returned. Rev Sarah is delighted to be welcomed into a school that holds the Christian faith as its foundation.

Dr Andrea Zschaler

Dr Zschaler is the Subject Leader of Religious Education at Christ’s College. Apart from her responsibility to lead the Department of Religious Education, she is also working alongside the Chaplaincy team to make the Christian values of Christ's College visible throughout the curriculum but also extra-curricular events like school trips and acts of worship. As a member of the teaching staff with several years of experience in the classroom, Dr Zschaler strives to bring together the work of the Chaplaincy team with the academic life of the College.


Collective Worship

  • Collective Worship (often known as an assembly) is part of students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Assemblies are an important part of our school community life, so we hope that all students participate. Any parents or carers wishing to exercise their right to withdraw their child(ren) from all or part of collective worship should consult the Principal.
  • The Christ's College Collective Worship Policy can be found here 

Religious Education (RE)

  • At Christ's College, Religious Education is a part of a broad and balanced curriculum. All students receive RE in accordance with the Surrey Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2017-2022). This can be viewed here.
  • You can find details about the RE that is taught in the Lower School (Years 7 - 9) and the Upper School (Years 10 - 11)  here .
  • Our Religious Education Statement of Intent can be found here.
  • We expect all students to experience the full breadth of our curriculum, but should parents or carers wish to exercise the right of withdrawal for all or part of RE, they should consult the Principal.

Aims and Objectives

Be a positive Christian presence, to serve and enable others to be open to the possibility of Faith and:

  • Live out the Christian message in word and actions.
  • Be the spiritual link between students, staff and the church
  • Present a positive view of Christianity in relevant, enthusiastic, creative and challenging ways
  • Enhance worship
  • Provide opportunities where the Christian faith can be discussed and encountered
  • Being independent yet still part of the College
  • Share the Christian faith with students and staff in appropriate and relevant ways
  • Create space to reflect
  • Enhance the behavioural support using things like Restorative Justice.
  • Enhance the Christian ethos across the whole school
  • Be a resource and provide pastoral support
  • Journey alongside the College community
  • Offer additional pastoral support in times of crisis
  • Signpost to other appropriate agencies, including churches for those who are interested
  • Encourage staff and students when they require it
  • Provide mediation between individuals, the College or home where required
  • Build and maintain positive relationships
  • Be there and available to listen, support and pray
  • Communicate concerns appropriately with the wider Christian community for prayer and support
  • Provide additional support during transition
  • Resource the College in a variety of different ways
  • Empower individual Christians or Christian groups
  • Help the College to meet some of their legal requirements (SIAS and other inspections)
  • Support Christian education across the curriculum
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