Catering & Free School Meals

All food bought in the college is paid for using our cashless catering and online payment system.

NO CASH can be accepted at the tills and your child's account must be up-to-date before they wish to buy any food. Payments are best made online (£10 minimum) using WisePay; monies are credited to the account within 20 minutes. If you have mislaid your child's unique log-in then please contact Mrs Edwards for assistance.  

Mrs J Edwards  Tel: 01483 484581 Email:


(Wisepay organisation code is 71358836)
Balances left on cashless accounts after students or staff leave the College can be refunded on request if over £5.00 only but this needs to be requested within 4 weeks of leaving. The cost of refunding smaller balances makes this unfeasible. Balances under £5.00 will be donated to the College Development Fund. We suggest that parents and make every effort to use up any balances left.


Free School Meals 

If you are in receipt of Free School Meals  your child is entitled to £2.30 (September 2020) per lunchtime allowance which will automatically be added to their account.  This cannot be carried forward to another day and can only be used at lunch time.  You will need to provide your child with a breaktime snack.  Parents may also 'top up' the account via their Wisepay account.

You can check your child's eligibility for Free School Meals here

Apply for Free School Meals  using this application form. Please return the application form to Mrs Edwards via email, or contact her should you have any queries about your entitlement.

Mrs J Edwards  Tel: 01483 484581


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