Chromebook For Learning

As a Google College which uses Google Classroom as our main curriculum platform, it is important to ensure that all our students have equal opportunities and for our students to be successful, a balance of school and home learning is crucial. 

We have therefore set up a Chromebook for Learning Scheme for families who would like to purchase an affordable high-quality device that your child can use, spreading payments if necessary.  Financial support is available: please contact the school for further information.

The Chromebook for Learning Scheme enables us to extend learning effectively beyond the classroom.  With the use of Google Apps for education, including Google Classroom, this will give students ready access to the information they study at school wherever they are, and whenever they like on their own personal Chromebook. 

The College will continue to use more traditional methods of learning and teaching.  The Chromebooks are an educational tool to enhance learning, and will be used both in the classroom and at home.  Our community will be taught how to use the Chromebooks for effective and accelerated outcomes.

Key Dates

Year 8 parents Zoom meeting to launch the scheme Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Letter to parents about the programme and how to purchase a Chromebook through the scheme Thursday 4th March 2021
Chromebook purchase scheme opens at Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Purchase scheme closes Sunday 11th April 2021


For full details of the scheme, more details about the Chromebooks on offer, and all your questions answered click here  for the letter sent out on 4th March 2021. 

To place an order, visit   You will need the username and password which was sent to Year 8 parents.   If you require assistance or have any questions regarding the portal, then please email or call 0203 857 5632.

If you have any questions relating to this Chromebook scheme.  Please email



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