Update 24 March 2021

On 6 January 2021, the government confirmed that in summer 2021, students taking GCSE, AS and A levels regulated by Ofqual, should be awarded grades based on an assessment by their teachers using Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs)

They conducted a two-week consultation to seek views on how best to provide alternative arrangements to this year’s exams. A joint consultation was held at the same time on how to award vocational, technical and other general qualifications.

Schools have been given strict guidance on how to award grades in a way that reflects students’ performance accurately, recognising the disruption they have faced over the last two years..

Teachers are being supported in making decisions with guidance and training from exam boards, grading will be subject to rigorous internal and external quality assurance procedures to ensure a fair and accurate grading.

The range of evidence teachers will use to award a grade could include coursework, other forms of assessment and papers provided by exam boards, to support consistency and fairness across schools and colleges.

If you have any questions please contact our Exams Coordinator.

Ms Selina Trafford Exams Coordinator


We will provide additional information to this page as updates become available.

GCSE Exam results will be announced on 12th August 2021

We have put together a booklet with all the information you need before sitting your exams, please click here

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GCSE Examinations

Update 15th January 2021 -   All examinations have been cancelled.  Please see information above

The full summer 2021 GCSE Examination Timetable will be published in due course, but exams will run from 26th May until 2nd June 2021.   

The Joint Council for Qualifications has set the 7th June to 2nd July 2021 as contingency dates "in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examinations during the June 2021 examination series" to allow students a fair and equal chance.

This means all GCSE students MUST remain available for the whole of the examination period, which is 26th May - 2nd July 2021.


Exam Policies

Exam Boards

Below are links to the relevant exam boards.


EdExcel  (Pearson)




Government Education Websites


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