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Principal's Welcome

As a Christian college, we want to provide an outstanding education for all who are part of our college learning community. We want all of our students to make excellent progress and achieve qualifications that they can be proud of. We understand the importance of academic study, but also want our students to have an education that is relevant and inspiring.

Meet Our Students

Year 8


I'm Noah and I am now a year 8 student. In year 7 I was very anxious but I really wanted to be in the production. I auditioned for Billy Elliot and I got the part of Billy! I now love dance and performing.

Year 9


Hi! My name is Izzy and I love music. I have found that the Christ's College music department has really helped me develop my skills as a singer, violin player and pianist. Over the years I have done various performances and have enjoyed doing solos.

Year 13


Over the last 7 years at this school, I have grown massively in confidence and as a person. This has been through getting involved in activities such as the rugby team, drama festivals, Christian Union, school productions and being Head Girl. Stepping out of my comfort zone has been really great for me!

The College Cup

Current standings

Austen 11599 Redgrave 10473 Turner 11359 Sibley 10866
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