Vision, Ethos & Values


Vision and Values

Our college aims to serve our community by providing a fully inclusive education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice. Every student who joins us will be prepared to take their place in the world with confidence, purpose, enthusiasm and strength of character.

At Christ’s College we believe a great values driven education has the power to transform futures.

Our shared Christian values of Love, Co-operation, Stewardship, Respect and Service are the core of what we are about and therefore they permeate all the work that happens, whether that is inside or out of our classroom. Students are encouraged to recognise the importance of education in their own fulfilment as individuals.



We show we love God and our neighbour by ‘treating others as we ourselves would like to be treated’ and paying goodness forward with acts of kindness and charity. The love we have and can show to others in the way we act. To not be mean to each other, to show generosity in how we act. 



We co-operate with God and each other to build community and a sense of pride in belonging; within our college, our neighbourhood, and in our world. We co-operate by ‘living simply, sustainably, and in solidarity’ with all members of the human family and especially those who are poor.



We are accountable to God and each other. We show we ‘love God and our neighbour as ourselves’ by being good stewards of our gifts, talents and resources. We believe it is our duty to support everyone to reach their full potential in sustainable communities and a world which is protected for future generations.

To look after what has been entrusted to us.



We welcome and show respect for the dignity and diversity of every person. It is our belief that 'Every Child and everyone Matters' to God because we are created in 'His image and likeness'.


We have faith in God and each other and act with integrity. We show honourable purpose in all we do when serving others as well as ourselves, taking responsibility for our actions by being reliable, honest, respectful, trust-worth and telling the truth.











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