Enrichment Days

This year (2021-22) there will be six enrichment days across the school year. The aim is to provide opportunities for the continued personal development of all students outside of their normal timetabled lessons.

Our Enrichment Days for this academic year will take place on:

Day 6 - Thursday 14th July 2022

Our final Enrichment Day of the academic year will include an exciting opportunity for students in Years 8, 9 and 10 to visit London. The aim of Enrichment Days is to develop students' cultural capital, giving them experiences and opportunities which broaden their horizons and give them a better understanding of our College Core Values and the fundamental British Values of Democracy, Equality and Tolerance.

Students will join their teachers for a walking tour of London. Coaches will leave the college at 8:30am and arrive at the London Eye for approximately 10:00am. From there, the teachers will take the students on a walking tour of London to see as many of the main attractions as can be visited in the day (depending on the walking speed of the group). The tour offers a unique perspective of seeing the city at street level, and will allow students to really experience the life of Londoners for a day. Students will need to be willing to be on their feet for most of the day and take a packed lunch with them (that will be taken at a location dependent on the progress of the tour). Students will leave the London Eye at 2:30pm, returning to college at approximately 4pm.


Coaches leave at 8.30am and arrive at London Zoo  at approximately 10.00am.  Students will tour the zoo in small groups and depart at 2.30pm returning back at college at 4.00pm.


This TOOTBUS trip around all the famous landmarks and sights of London.  Including Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, The Shard, St Paul's Cathedral. Coaches leave at 8.30am and the tour will start at 10.00am. Students will then have lunch in Hyde Park near the Serpentine and walk along Oxford Street to Picadilly Circus before catching the coach back to college at 2.30pm.  Arriving at 4.00pm.


Coaches will leave at 8.30am for a 10.45am "flight" on the London Eye to see the sights of London from a unique perspective.  After lunch students will board a sightseeing river boat cruise that sails past The Houses of Parliament, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, HMS Belfast, The Tower of London and London Bridge.  Students will leave London at 2.30pm returning to college at 4.00pm.




ENRICHMENT DAY 5 - Thursday 19th May 2022

On our fifth Enrichment Day this year, students will be taking part in a variety of activities :

Year 7 - Marwell Zoo Trip

Year 8 - Skills Builder Challenge Day in tutor groups.

Year 9 - Retreat Day at Wintershall

Year 10 - Army Run Team Building Day + Berlin Trip.

Year 11 - Drama/English and Maths Revision Day.


Letters for any related trips can be found on our Trips & Visits website page here 

ENRICHMENT DAY 4 - Thursday 24th March 2022 - See letter in documents below

The focus of this enrichment day was careers education, and we hosted our first ever "Future Choices Careers Event" in the sports hall.  With over 40 volunteers, businesses, colleges and universities attending to support our students next steps.

The careers fair was aimed at students in Year 9, 10 and 11 and ran alongside careers related activities for Year 9 and 10.  Year 11 were also studying for their upcoming exams  and took part in in 3 lessons linked to their Option Block A subjects.

There were also a series of talks run by HEON on student finances and university life that might prove interesting for parents/carers of student in Year 10 & 11.

Year 7 students will be looked at resilience in school and in lessons and discussed strategies to deal with anxiety when in lessons.

Year 8  joined the Chaplaincy team for their 'retreat day' with a 'Journey Into Hope' walk to several of our local Churches.  

Future Choices Careers Event News Item and Photos


ENRICHMENT DAY 3 - Thursday 3rd January 2022 - see letter in documents section below.

We have the following events planned for our third enrichment day.

Year 7 will go on a collective retreat to the Wintershall Estate. Once there, they will have advice and guidance on mindfulness, resilience, spirituality, and the understanding of others. There will be time to reflect and to think about their responses to a range of stimuli. The aim of the day is to work on the core value of respect. Respecting themselves and each other and knowing how to self-manage themselves and their emotions even when things get tough in the future (near to exam times).   The Wintershall trip will cost £13 and the students will need a packed lunch. If your child is eligible for free school meals a packed lunch will be provided. 

Year 8 will be taking part in a series of lectures and tutor activities centred around building the students Growth Mindset, Resilience and understanding more about what having positive behaviour for learning means and how this looks. There will be talks in the DoE theatre and activities with their tutors. The day is free of charge and runs to the normal school timetable. Students will wear their full school uniform as usual. 

Year 9 - Crystal Maze / Team Building.   Students will be undertaking a range of team building and problem solving activities, centred around their knowledge of local, national and international landmarks. The aim of the day is to build the students' awareness of the world around them, increasing their cultural capital. Students will take on roles of team leaders and will be led by others. They will learn communication skills as they work together to solve the various problems and tasks in front of them. There will be physical challenges during the day therefore all Year 9 are allowed to attend in their full school PE kit.

Year 10 -  Students to visit universities including Surrey, Brunel  Students will have the opportunity to follow in Year 11’s footsteps and visit a local university free of charge. HEON, from Surrey University have offered us the opportunity to bring half of our Year 10 group for a visit, whilst Brunel University outreach department has offered to take the other half of the Year group. Their tutor will be able to let them know who is going to which place. Once at the university, students will have a campus tour, visit the lecture theatres and the halls of residence. They will have a talk on Higher Education and what it entails, as well as listening to an actual university lecture. The students will leave school at 8:30am (Brunel) or 9am (Surrey) and will return by 3:15pm. Students will need to bring a packed lunch and will wear their normal school uniform for the day. If your child is eligible for free school meals a packed lunch will be provided. 

Year 11 -  "Securing Your Prediction" Workshops.  Students will be college for the whole day doing a series of intensive workshops for English, Maths, Science and Languages. The aim of these workshops is to secure their predictions. Our specialist GCSE teaching staff for these subjects will deliver the double period workshops in groups that are based around the students’ flight paths. Students need all their usual study equipment and the books/resources that they have for these subjects

ENRICHMENT DAY 2 - Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th December 2021

Year 7 -The year group will be split in half of visiting Hampton Court Palace as part of a history trip on Wednesday 8th or Thursday 9th December and take part in a workshop with the theme: Henry to Mary: A Religious Rollercoaster.  Students will explore the rollercoaster of religious changes which led to widespread confusion and turmoil, impacting both the royal family and their subjects. Students analyse the impact of changes in religion during the period of King Henry VIII and Queen Mary I in one of the key locations where religious and political decisions were made.

The remaining students will take part in a Careers Enterprise Day in college.

Year 8  & 9 - students will be taking part in a Maths/Computing visit to Bletchley Park to see the birthplace of modern computing and codebreaking.

Year 10 - Students will tak part in Journey into Hope – a pilgrimage church crawl based around the Christmas story. Students will walk into Guildford visiting four church locations (St Mary’s or Holy Trinity, St Nicholas’, Guildford Baptist Church and the United Reformed Church) where the students will watch some drama or have some musical input and then have the opportunity to respond creatively. The purpose of this day is to enable students to let go of the many pressures school life entails and focus on their own spiritual and emotional wellbeing. 

Year 11 - Organised by HEON, students will have the opportunity to visit either Royal Holloway or Surrey University.  They will have a student life lecture, a campus tour and a 'taster uni lecture'.



ENRICHMENT DAY 1 - Thursday 14th October 2021  

Six different enrichment opportunities across the five year groups. Each year group will not be following their normal timetable. Instead, they will be following a day of activities designed specifically for that year group that will enhance their learning.

Year 7 will be undertook a range of team building and problem solving activities. The aim of the day was to work on the core value of Cooperation. Students took on roles of team leaders.  They developed their  communication skills as they worked together to solve the various problems and tasks in front of them. 

Year 8 took part in a communication and languages day. The aim of the day was to work towards the core value of Love. Half the year group were invited onto a walking tour of Guildford being encouraged to look at the local landmarks and appreciate them more closely. They used what they saw to develop a piece of creative writing.  The other half of the year group took part in a cultural day in school. Learning to love and understand different cultures by looking at their cuisine, languages, writing, art and landmarks. In future enrichment days, there will be the chance to swap this around so that each half experiences both sets of activities.

Year 9 used their enrichment day as an opportunity to develop their own talents (the core value of stewardship). We have taken feedback from parents after last years exams and understand that many students do not know how to revise for tests and exams. We linked up with the Higher Education Outreach Network (HEON) and have sourced an external provider to deliver ‘Rapid Revision’ classes. The work done in this enrichment day  will hopefully help students have less stressful exam periods in future years.

Year 10 Working on the core value of service. The Year 10’s took part in sessions showing how talented scientists serve the police force, engaging with this subject in a more practical way. They developed their understanding of possible career pathways in science. To do this, students took part in a ‘Crime Scene Investigation’ day. Whereby, they looked at the role of a scientist as an investigator. This series of free workshops led by our science team helped the students to develop an understanding of how science is used to solve crime.

Year 11 went on a collective retreat to the Wintershall Estate. Once there, they received advice and guidance on mindfulness, resilience, spirituality, and the understanding of others. There was time to reflect and to think about their responses to a range of stimuli. The aim of the day was to work on the core value of respect. Respecting themselves and each other and knowing how to self manage themselves and their emotions even when things get tough in the future (near to exam times).


Our annual ‘Enrichment Week' held at the end of the summer term 2021 was filled with activities based around one of our five Core Values the theme was SERVICE. 

The purpose of the week was to give the students an opportunity to engage in a range of activities and lessons outside of the normal curriculum that will help their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The activities are selected to help students both inside and outside of the classroom understand more about themselves and the society around them.

In 2021 the week also coincided with our Raising and Giving (RAG) week. This was our annual charity week where the Student Leadership Team creates a range of events that will raise money for their selected charity. Students raised £1,707.55  for YoungMinds, a mental health charity.


Overview of Activities - July 2021

Democracy Day:  An opportunity for students to explore the UK parliamentary system, understand more about the democratic society we live in and then experience a parliamentary debate in school.

Study Skills Day:  A series of workshops aimed at developing the students' understanding of what it takes to become an effective learner. Developing new skills and receiving tips and tricks to help them become more independent when they study.

First Aid:- A chance for all students in Years 8 and 9 to learn about basic first aid. An essential life skill that will ensure that the students know what to do should they ever be called upon to deal with an emergency.

Inter-house Day: Students enjoyed a day of numerous inter-house competitions and events all leading towards The Dearing Cup points at the end of the year.

Sponsored Walk:  An opportunity for students to go for a full day’s walk out of school to Newlands Corner and back via the River Wey, the Chantries and Stoke Park. Students were asked to donate a small amount each for the walk or to raise sponsorship for themselves. The money donated went directly to the RAG week charity YoungMinds.

Beach Clean Up:- Specifically for Year 7 students (Stewardship Core Value). This trip aimed to take all Year 7 students to West Wittering’s Beach. Part of the day was spent on the beach clearing litter and debris as we aim to serve the Wittering’s community on the South Coast with some pay back for being able to use their facilities, making it a better place for all future visitors and wild/marine life.

Duke of Edinburgh  Award Preparation: A chance for all Year 9 students to find out more about the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, learn some skills and get a taster of possible activities Including some team building exercises.

Year 10 Week of Work: A range of talks and activities throughout the week for Year 10 that focused on key employability skills. This culminated in 2 days of mock interviews and feedback sessions for the students. This is in place of work experience that was unable to occur due to the national restrictions.


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