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All students when they join Christ's College are allocated into one of our four College Houses; Austen, Redgrave, Turner and Sibley.  Each of the Houses have been named after a historical figure of the past and follows a motto taken from a biblical verse.

AUSTEN  Motto "Be strong and courageous"from Joshua 1:9

Jane Austen  (Born 16th December 1775) - an English novelist in the18th Century.  Her writing was unique at that time, writing humour along with er realism, and social commentary. She wrote classics such as Pride And Prejudice, Sense And Sensibility and Emma.

REDGRAVE  Motto " Plans to prosper"  from Jeremiah 29:11

Sir Steve Redgrave -  (Born 23rd March 1962)  is a British retired rower who won gold medals at five consecutive Olympic Games from 1984 to 2000.  He also won three Commonwealth Games gold medals and nine World Rowing Championship golds.  He is the most successful male rower in Olympic history.

SIBLEY  Motto "Love is patient"  from Corinthians 12:4

Dame Antionette Sibley  - (Born 27th February 1939)  is a British ballerina.  She joined the Royal Ballet from the Royal Ballet School in 1956 and became a soloist in 1960.  After retirement from dancing in 1989 she became President of the Royal Academy of Dance in 1991.

TURNER Motto "Let your heart take courage"  from Psalm 31:24

Jospeh Mollard William Turner -  (Born 23rd April 1775) was an English romantic painter, printmaker and water colourist.  He is known for his expressive and colourisations, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings. 


Throughout the year, students from all four houses compete in inter-house competitions to win The Dearing Cup. Our aim is that everybody gets a chance to represent their house in some way or another.

The Dearing Cup named after the late Lord Ron Dearing who was a man deeply involved in education at the highest levels of government,   In 1994, he shaped the National Curriculum that every school teaches today.  In 2007 he lobbied government to make sure a new building for Christ's College was build on the current site.

Inter-house Competitions

  • Festival of the Arts - a dance, drama and music festival (October)
  • Football Competition (November)
  • Handball Competition (December)
  • Netball & Basketball Competition (Spring Term)
  • Other events will include Business Enterprise activities at Christmas and Easter, Maths Code Breaking and DT Engineering Bridge Building.
  • Department competitions
  • Sports Day in the Summer term.

Click here for our Competitions and Challenges website page.

House Winners

  • 2011  Turner
  • 2012  Sibley
  • 2013  Austen
  • 2014  Austen
  • 2015  Sibley
  • 2016  Redgrave
  • 2017  Austen
  • 2018  Austen
  • 2019  Austen
  • 2020  Austen
  • 2021  Redgrave

Each House has student and staff representatives who help to keep students informed of activities, competitions and encouraging when needed to take part in events.



On the respective House Birthday, that House will run a charity day to raise as much money as possible for its chosen charity.

AUSTEN Thursday 16th December 2021 Guildford Action
SIBLEY Friday 4th March 2022 Matrix
REDGRAVE Wednesday 23rd March 2022 Teenage Cancer Trust
TURNER Friday 22nd  April 2022 Mind

AUSTEN raised money on their birthday by baking and selling cakes.


Inter-house Netball and Handball Competitions Dec 2021 /Jan 2022

Students took part in inter-house boys handball and girls netball competitions.  The final results  and points gained towards the 'Dearing Cup" from these competitions were:


1st Austen 12 points
2nd Redgrave 9 points
3rd Turner 6 points
4th Sibley 3 points


1st Redgrave 30 points
2nd Turner 24 points
3rd Austen 21 points
4th Sibley 12 points


Inter-house Football Competition  - Weds 3rd & Thur 4th November 2021

Students took part in a six-a-side inter-house football competition, in order to gain points towards the 'Dearing Cup', at the end of the year.

The final results from both days are as follows:

1st REDGRAVE 60 points
2nd AUSTEN 48 points
3rd SIBLEY 39 points
3rd TURNER 39 points


Our annual Festival Of The Arts took place on Friday 15th October 2021

This year the inter-house competition in Drama presented an abridged version of 'Romeo and Juliet'. The inter-house competition in Music had a theme 'Force of Nature' and Dance celebrated with a theme of 'Carnivale'.


Austen 13943 Redgrave 13746 Sibley 12221 Turner 12851
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