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Posted on: 11/07/2019

Young Writers Competition Winner 2019

We are delighted to announce that Lydia Ebling was a competition winner and has had her poem published in the poetry anthology, 'Poetry Escape. Break the silence, tell your truth.'

Secondary school students thoughout the Surrey were challenged to 'free their creativity and break through the barriers to express their true thoughts, using poetic techniques as their tools of escape'

In This World

Over the mountains,

On the savannah plains,

Knee-high grass, where it never rains. 

And at the poles,

Where the sun rises pink, 

Many homely icebergs to animals sink.

In an oasis of peace and love,

Up in the trees, birds sing above. 


Down far, deep in the sea, 

Many dark eyes bore into me, 

But in these eyes are shadows of sorrows, 

Not knowing what comes in any tomorrows. 

The men of Earth destroying gifts, 

And from this tradegy, a person lifts,

Harmony, consideration and deeds so kind,

That will bring us all peace of mind. 

Lydia Ebling (12)



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