Parents' Prayer Group

The Parents' Prayer Group at Christ's College started approximately twenty years ago (2000) and continues to meet at 2pm fortnightly throughout the school year on week "A" of the school timetable. 

Usually Parents Prayer is held in the College chapel and led by one of the parents. However during lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions Parents Prayer is meeting weekly online via Zoom.

The Christ's College Parents Prayer Group is held in the College chapel and led by one of the parents. The College Chaplain attends and also the principal attends for part of the prayer time. The parents meet to pray for the College and all aspects of College life. The Chaplain submits prayer requests from staff:

  • Needs of students (no names)

  • Christian Ethos

  • College Leadership Team and Governors

  • College events, music, drama festivals etc.

  • Parents share requests they might have

The PPG also provide cakes and biscuits once every half term as an expression of their appreciation and support of the College staff.

If you would like to join the Parents' Prayer Group and the current  Zoom sessions please email Margareth Mayersbeth   .

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