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Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me to abseil from the top of Guildford Cathedral.  To do this I need to raise a total of £1,000 and, so far, I have raised 71% of that.  As you can see, training has begun.  If you are able to support this charitable event then I would be very grateful.  Please click on the link below - under the Principal's update.  Thank you.  S G Green, Principal 
  Principal's Update 
The theme for the Easter holidays is ‘Holy Week’.  What is the meaning of Holy Week?  Alas, libraries filled with volumes of literature on the topic could not do justice to this question.  Perhaps one starting point is the idea of restoration.  As humans we are tempted to be inherently selfish and to put our interests first.  In relationships this can lead to conflict, lies, mistrust and even violence.  In groups this often results in prejudice, oppression and even victimisation.  On a global scale, and in extreme cases, this can lead to injustice, oppression and even war.  The history of ‘civilisation’ is littered with countless examples of all these traits up to, and including, today.  This is the human condition and it has been like this since the first man, Adam, ate of the forbidden fruit given to him by the first woman, Eve.  The message of Holy Week is that God has dealt with this problem.  In order to do this, a blameless man, Jesus, has taken the mess of the world -past, present and future- down to hell and discarded it.  He then rose from death.  In the same way that sin entered the world in the old Adam, so, new life enters the world through this new Adam.  The amazing truth is that there is nothing for us to do apart from accept what has already been done for us by God in Christ. By uniting ourselves to Him we too can enjoy this new life, free from the mess of the past.  This is the meaning of Holy Week.  I would like to wish you all a joyful Easter.
New Government Initiatives IQ recognises Christ’s College as a top performing School (click Here)

Oxford University
A Sixth Former experiences Oxford University life.
Our friends from Japan
We were delighted to host our friends from Japan.


Year 10 GCSE Drama
They attend a voice workshop at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham.


Year 10 GCSE Drama
The premier performance of "Same".
Bletchley Park 2014
Once again Bletchley Park amazes our learners.


Paris 2014
Year 11 take a journey of culture to Paris.
Little Shop of Horrors
A very successful show, read the report.

Short Sports Reports
Other Sports

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Activities Week 2013

  Sixth Form Update 
The College recently had a visit from our friends from Japan, with the Sixth Form helping as hosts.  Photo by Hollie-Louise  12T.
To see the 2013 A level results click here.
If you would like an appointment to discuss a possible application to the Sixth Form or, to arrange an informal tour of the Sixth Form Centre, please contact Mrs Unwin, Sixth Form Administrator, on 01483 484511 or by email at
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Ski trip returns
New York trip returns
Start of Trinity Term
Uniform Shop 3.15 – 4.30pm
Year 10 Parents’ Evening
FCC 2nd hand uniform sale 3.30 – 4.30pm
Uniform Shop 3.15 – 4.30pm
FCC 6.45pm
Year 7 Parents’ Evening 4.00pm
GCE and GCSE exams begin
Humanities Week
Awards Assembly 8.30am
Parents’ Prayers 1.00pm
Uniform Shop 3.15 – 4.30pm
Year 13 Leavers Assembly 12.15pm
FCC 2nd hand uniform sale 3.30 – 4.30pm
Sixth Form Going Down Ball 7.00pm
Trinity Half Term
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College Update
Year 10 GCSE Drama: Our year 10 Drama students will be performing 'Same' at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham, on Friday 25th April. If you would like to come along and support them, tickets are £6 and available via the Capitol Theatre website ( or the box-office (tel: 01403 750220).

FCC Update


Congratulations to Team Westborough for winning the 2014 FCC Quiz Night.  Many thanks to all those who took part in this enjoyable fund-raiser.  Read the report...

FCC Second Hand Uniform Shop

Friends of Christ’s College run a second-hand uniform shop on the last Friday of every month between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. Please check the College homepage calendar for details. In order to keep this valuable resource going we are always grateful to receive any donations of good condition uniform which can be handed in at the College Reception or at our monthly uniform sales. All profits made goes towards enhancing the lives of learners at the College. FCC appreciate your support. Thank you.
Friends of Christ’s College

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