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Principal.pngThe theme for this week, the week beginning 7th February, is ‘kindness’.  This is the sixth week in a series which runs through the Lent term exploring the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’.  In one of his novels, Charles Dickens describes one of his characters as ‘a good man but not kind’.  Is it possible to be a good person without being kind?  Last summer, I attended my daughter’s graduation ceremony in Westminster Cathedral.  One of the more memorable comments from the university Vice Chancellor was that all the graduates should spread kindness in whatever part of the world that they were called to serve.  Once again, the perfect model is Jesus Christ.  For me, one of the most touching passages in the whole of the Gospels is the story of the healing of the deaf mute.  It was not so much that Jesus performed a supernatural miracle that day but it was the way that He did it.  We read the story of how Jesus ‘took him off alone’ (to avoid any embarrassment for the man) and then ‘touched his ears and his tongue’.  In effect he was communicating with the man that I am going to heal your deafness and your speech impediment – thus allaying any fears that the man may have had concerning what was going to happen to him.  To Jesus this was no disabled beggar on whom to show off his power but rather a human being who needed to be treated with dignity and respect, just like anyone else.  Marvellous!  What kindness and tenderness from the author of kindness.
Year 11 consultation evening is on February 4th from 4:00 - 7:00pm. The January newsletter is now available under the News tab.


Parents' Prayer Group 1:00pm


Year 8 Latin trip to National Gallery


Friends of Christ's College 6:45pm


Year 11 Parents' Evening 4:00 - 7:00pm


Arts and Sports Week begins


Matinee performance of Phantom of the Opera to Year 5 1:40pm


College production: Phantom of the Opera 7:00pm


Deadline for return of Year 9 option forms
College production: Phantom of the Opera 7:00pm


College production: Phantom of the Opera 7:00pm


College production: Phantom of the Opera 6:00pm
After Production Party Years 9-13 10:00pm
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