Vocational Certificate in Travel and Tourism

Where in the world would you like to go?  Do you want to understand more about local and global destinations and the factors that affect them?  Travel and Tourism has become an important part of how we live today.  Most people travel regularly for work and leisure, and the world of Travel and Tourism is of interest to the majority of people in the UK.

The Vocational Certificate in Travel and Tourism allows you to explore and understand the fast-growing and complex nature of the Travel and Tourism industries.  You will have an opportunity to examine different elements of the industry, both in the UK and abroad, and you will explore how the industry operates and the many careers which are available to them.  You will also have the opportunity to study specific travel destinations in the UK and internationally.


All tasks are controlled assessment, which take place throughout the course.  There are no final examinations.


  • Customer Service in Travel and Tourism
  • The UK Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Travel and Tourism Destinations
  • Knowing about Airports and Airlines

Why study Travel and Tourism?

The study of the Travel and Tourism industry will enable students to better understand the workings of the sector and the various career opportunities which are available. The course promotes critical thinking and a range of transferable skills which will be of use in whichever career path is chosen.  This course requires students to engage with global issues which then results in the broadening of their horizons. 

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