GCSE Latin

We are pleased to offer students the opportunity to study a GCSE in Latin, which has been designed to help them to develop their understanding of the language and the related Ancient Literature, Values and Society.  Students will also develop and deploy their knowledge of vocabulary, morphology and syntax in order to read, understand and interpret Latin.


Compulsory Component (written paper)

Language – 1½hrs; 100 marks; 50% of total GCSE

Students study texts and stories in Latin to build knowledge and understanding of Latin vocabulary, accidence and syntax.

Optional Components (written paper)

Two of the following 5 components will be taught (1hr; 50 marks each; each component = 25% of total GCSE):

  • Prose Literature A; Prose Literature B; Verse Literature A; Verse Literature B: Students will study Latin set texts and answer questions in English on aspects of content and analyse, evaluate and respond to the ancient literature they have studied.
  • Literature and Culture: Students will study two topics on Roman Civilisation and Culture using the sources in the Prescribed Sources Booklet, and answer questions in English on aspects of content, culture, social practices and values.

How to do well in Latin

Success in GCSE Latin is firmly grounded in consistent independent study, as well as wider reading, so that students are fully equipped to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the language and set texts being studied. 

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