Key Stage 4 ICT/Computer Science

Every student will either complete a course in ICT or Computer Science throughout Years 9 and 10.  The appropriate course will be selected based on each student’s current skills.

ICT familiarises you with using computers for a purpose, a skill that is becoming more useful in a world with increased use of technology.

Computer Science aims to develop your skills in computational thinking by providing the opportunity to solve problems through planning, writing and debugging programs.

We offer the Cambridge National Certificate in ICT and the Edexcel GCSE in Computer Science.



  • 25% External Assessment – Understanding Computer systems
  • 75% Internal Assessment (Comprises 3 separate units)

Computer Science

  • 20% Internal Assessment – Computer Science project
  • 80% External Assessment (Two separate examinations – Principles of Computer Science and Application of Computational Thinking)

Why study ICT/Computer Science?

Most jobs and higher level study require you to have competent ICT skills.  This course will aim to develop your ICT skills required for everyday use as well as enhance your understanding of computer systems.

Computer Science is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The course will encourage you to think creatively, analytically and logically about ways to solve problems using computer programs.

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