GCSE Mathematics

GCSE Mathematics is a compulsory course.  There is no coursework requirement and it is assessed through three written papers at the end of the course.  One paper will examine students’ skills in working without a calculator and the other two will test their ability in topics where a calculator is essential.  The course extends the work covered in Key Stage 3.


Paper 1 – Non-Calculator (33%)
Paper 2 – Calculator (33%)
Paper 3 – Calculator (33%)

All of the papers contain questions on Number, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure and Data Handling.

Why study Mathematics?

We want all students to leave Christ’s College with confidence in Mathematics and the ability to carry out the key skills that they will need in later life.  Mathematics teaches students to think logically and find ways to solve difficult problems.  Where possible, students will look at real-life contexts for their work.

How to do well in Mathematics

  • Bring equipment
  • Know your times tables
  • Use of websites to help you improve your understanding of various topics
  • Use of individual learning packages
  • Complete all classwork and homework to the highest possible standard


This year, the Maths department excited to announce that Maths homework will be set through the Hegarty Maths online platform. HegartyMaths has the most detailed, rigorous, thorough and well-modelled online explanations of Maths for secondary school students.  It has around 925 videos and respective quizzes covering everything from AO1 skills-based topics to the hardest A03 problem-solving questions.  HegartyMaths is the best tool for your children to be able to become great independent learners and be successful in Maths.

They will be set at least 1 piece of homework per week which will also be supplemented with a MemRi task (this will start around October). Students should ensure they always:

  • Watch the entire video at least once
  • Copy down and clearly label the worked examples
  • Do the quiz
  • Show all the working out in their homework book and mark each question.

If a student does poorly in the quiz they may need to watch the video again and then have another go.

There are some useful documents below on how to use the site and support your child to achieve the best they can


Page Downloads Date  
A Level transition skills 18th Sep 2020 Download
GCSE revision checklist Crossover 18th Sep 2020 Download
GCSE revision checklist Foundation 18th Sep 2020 Download
GCSE revision checklist Higher 18th Sep 2020 Download
Home support guide 18th Sep 2020 Download
Parent checklist 18th Sep 2020 Download
Parent presentation 18th Sep 2020 Download
Student checklist 18th Sep 2020 Download
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