Key Stage 3 Performing Arts

The Key Stage 3 Curriculum in Performing Arts embraces the National Curriculum expectations for English and Physical Education with some references to Music.  Students develop their skills and are assessed on five main areas: collaboration, exploration and development, technique, style and form and analysis.

Year 7

Students work on three units of study: the birth of Western Theatre through the historical study of Greek Theatre, the exploration of Drama and acting skills through characterisation and an introduction to play building.  In Dance, students work on a unit of study to develop their technical skills and ability to understand and develop choreography.  Every Year 7 learner performs in the College Musical each year.

Year 8

During Year 8 students study a Shakespeare text, play building, contextual studies, and Theatre practitioners.  In Dance, techniques are further developed from Year 7 with a unit exploring choreographic skills.

Year 9


Units of study in preparation for the GCSE which begins at the start of Year 10 include elements of choreography including choreography for warm-ups, solos and group performances.  There will be units exploring classical and contemporary dance that will lead to a performance based on one of the set works explored.  There will be a minimum of two public performances that will include one piece that shows their own choreography.

Drama and Theatre

Preparation of a tool kit for the GCSE with units on Theatre history, style and genres, acting; devising, script interpretation, live performance, reviewing a play and exploration of technical theatre. There will be a minimum of two performances in front of a live audience and one major visit to a professional theatre with the intention of reviewing it in the final exam.  Everything studied in Year 9 will be used to complete the GCSE in Years 10 and 11.


Homework is set regularly each half term and is expected to be completed by the next Performing Arts lesson.  In Year 9 this may include the learning of texts for performance and external rehearsals.


We run and support the Drama, Dance and Music Festivals which rehearse after school.  We encourage involvement in the College Musical which rehearses after school and Sunday afternoons.  A ‘Summer Festival’ is held at the end of the College year to showcase curriculum performances.  A ‘Boys' Dance Group’ runs every Monday after school with visiting choreographers specialising in contemporary, street and parkour styles of dance. The professional company ‘Stopgap’ work with students after school on a Wednesday providing a different professional approach to dance and choreography, and in the third term there is a Key Stage Three dance club that performs publicly at the Summer Festival. A trip to a West End show is run every year.  We also organise visits from outside performing companies to enhance curriculum work.

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

There will be opportunities for involvement in Easter and Christmas celebrations, as well as support for Acts of Worship throughout the College year.

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