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Posted on: 16/11/2017

Dance Festival Winners

On Thursday 16th November, we had our annual Dance Festival. The evening started off with the house competition which was choreographed by the year 10 GCSE Dance class. They worked in their houses to create an 8-10 minute piece on the given stimulus ‘Discovery’. Rehearsals took place at lunch times and after school with other members in their house who wanted to take part.


The second half was a celebration of all the Dance classes and clubs that take place at school. We had performances from the Boys Dance Company ‘Legit’, Year 9 and 10 GCSE Dance Classes, Stopgap Dance Company and finally, a performance from Sister Act which will be our school production next February.


At the end of the evening, our invited guest Laura Jones and the judges presented the awards for the house competition.


The best dancer from each house was:

Austen – Sam

Redgrave – Grace

Turner – Gemma

Sibley – Katie


Outstanding Achievement in Choreography = Redgrave

Outstanding Achievement by a Dancer= Gemma from Turner House

Outstanding Achievement in Performance = Turner

Best Overall Dance Piece = Turner


Miss Plunkett said 'I am extremely proud of all of the choreographers and performers for their hard work for the Dance Festival. Especially the year 10 GCSE class for leading the house competition dances. It was a fantastic evening celebrating the talent that the students have, well done.'

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