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Posted on: 13/10/2017

Drama Festival Winners

The annual drama festival took place on the 5th October and saw each house taking responsibility for performing one quarter of the Shakespearian play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. Sixth formers from each house took up the mantle of organising and directing the performances, but without the hard work and talent that the students, from across the year groups, displayed it wouldn’t have been possible.

The play, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, tells the story of the romance between Claudio and Hero, and Don John’s failed attempts to ruin such romance. It is filled with disastrous weddings, arrests and even a happy ending!

Once given their part each house set to work constructing their performance and rehearsing it countless times- as well as making a programme and arranging costumes. Some houses decided to theme their performances with a modern interpretation, changing their acting and costumes accordingly, while others stuck to a traditional theme- with both being equally successful. The level of talent was unbelievable- from acting; dance choreography; song writing and lighting- every element came together in harmony to make for a very rewarding evening.

The proud heads of houses were there to award certificates to actors in their house for best new-comer; best supporting actor; and best actor. And then it was over to the judges to announce the overall best actor and best supporting actor- plus give out the awards for best programme; contextual interpretation; sound, lighting and set; and overall presentation. The winners are as follows:

Austen: Overall Best Presentation

Best Actor: Gemma Marrow; Best Supporting Actor: Sophie King; Best New-comer: Joshua Butlin

Redgrave: Best sound, lighting and set

Best Actor: Liam Dickinson; Best Supporting Actor: Lynn Corless; Best New-comer: Christopher Milne

Turner: Contextual interpretation

Best Actor: Sam Tuff; Best Supporting Actor: Freddie Lewis; Best New-comer: Elisa Virgoe

Sibley: Best Programme

Best Actor: Noah Brierley; Best Supporting Actor: Alisha Poulter; Best New-comer: Olivia Lewis

Overall Best Actor: Liam Dickinson

Overall Best Supporting Actor: Lynn Corless

Congratulations and massive well done to everyone involved!

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