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Posted on: 16/03/2022

Christ's College Brilliant Club

In January 2022 Christ's College launched a new Brilliant Club with 12 Year 9 students taking part in The Scholars Programme.   This is an academic programme run by The Brilliant Club, which provides students from non-selective state schools with the opportunity to work with a PhD researcher to experience university-style learning. It helps them to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to secure a place at a highly-selective university.

What is Brilliant Club?

Brilliant club is a chance for students to show their academic excellence in school by working with a current PhD student (someone who has completed a degree and a masters and is now at the highest level of study)  to produce an essay. This wil help them to  show their ability to work at degree level and understand how to use research in their work. 

What do students do at Brilliant Club and who is involved?

Each week students meet for a tutoring session. They complete tasks and homework which allows them to gain knowledge and skills in a particular subject. They have been learning about dwarf galaxies and dark matter, and have been doing some quite challenging maths calculations. Their final essay is due by the end of the spring term and students will submit their final assignments at the end of April.  All their work  is marked as if they were at university (i.e. 70% is a 1st, 6-0% a 2.1, 50% a 2.2), and students will take part in a graduation ceremony when they pass, l just like they do at university

What do students enjoy most about attending Brilliant Club?

The chocolate biscuits are very good, but mainly the chance to do something they are interested in, knowing it could make a difference to their university chances. 

All the students have learned a lot about university life and how assignments are structured.  As well as space, dark matter and dwarf galaxies and that above all, they can follow their interests at university and enjoy any vocation they choose afterwards. They will also get the chance to go to Surrey University and look round, including their lecture theatres and labs, which they are all excited to take part in. 

Brilliant Club & Scholars Programme


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