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Posted on: 20/04/2021

The Christ's College Festival of Sport

Before the Easter break, for a period of four weeks after lockdown when students returned to College for face-to-face teaching again.  Students competed in The Christ's College Festival Of Sport.

This was an opportunity for all our students to experience a variety of sports and compete at different games and activities including; football, handball, netball, softball, rugby and American football.    The team names of Ennis-Hill (Jessica Ennis-Hill),  Houghton (Steph Houghton), Quek (Sam Quek)  and Taylor (Katie Taylor) were chosen in order to raise awareness of the increasing popularity and successes within female sport. Each class competed in their own league along with a separate competition for their year group and finally a third competition where all points across the whole school were added together for an overall Festival Of Sport winner. The results for these are listed below:



  Houghton Ennis Hill  Quek       Taylor    
Year 7 316 294 290 286
Year 8 382 423 387 429
Year 9 509 548 507 481
Year 10 755 764 702 780
Year 11 525 543 591 441
TOTAL 2487 2572 2477 2417


YEAR 7 WINNERS     Houghton

YEAR 8 WINNERS     Taylor

YEAR 9 WINNERS     Ennis Hill




Overall  Team Standings

1st     Ennis Hill  - 2572 Points

2nd   Houghton  - 2487 Points

3rd    Quek  - 2477 Points

4th    Taylor  - 2417 Points


Well done to all students, it has also been fantastic to see so many students joining in with extra-curricular clubs after school as well.   

Click here to sign up find out more about Summer Term extra-curricular clubs.


Find out more about the women behind the team names here:

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill   -  Olympic champion and three-times world champion heptathlet.

Steph Houghton  -  Manchester City Footballer and England Team Captain

Sam Quek -      Olympic Gold and European Gold medalist for Hockey.

Katie Taylor  - an Irish professional boxer and former footballer. She is a two-weight world champion and the current undisputed lightweight champion, having held the WBA title since 2017.


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