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Posted on: 02/02/2021

Students Work To Be Published In Young Writers Anthology

Last autumn students across the College submitted entries into the Young Writers 100-word story competition on the theme of 'Trapped'.  We are very happy to say that five of our students work has been selected to be published in the anthology of 'Trapped', a collection of literary work of KS3/4 students called 'SOS Sagas: 'Trapped'. 

Young Writers is an organisation that runs national writing competitions for schools throughout the academic year.  Each competition they offer has a different theme and can vary between poems or stories and are set for different Key Stages.  

As part of the competition, the Young Writers Editorial Team, create regional books from competition entries, and they ensure that every submission is read and assessed.   Work is selected for publication based on perception, imagination, expression, creativity and use of language.

These competitions are advertised to Christ's College students through the Creative Writing Competition Google Classroom that students have access to, and also advertised on the My Homework App.  Students are all encouraged to take part and are given support.

Many congratulations to our  five budding writers including ; Abigail Hearn (Year 8), Harry Berry (Year 9), Peter Hosangady (Year 10) and Olivia Sutter (Year 11),  who will have their work published, we look forward to seeing the anthology with their work included.  

Would you like to enter the next writing competition?

The current Young Writers 100-word story writing competition is called 'Unsolved' deadline: 10th February 2021.  Students should submit their writing via Ms I Johnson so that she can send the entries for the school.

Here is an excellent example of a submission by a Year 8 student which we hope will have similar success!


The familiar "BLEEP BLEEP" definitely too loud and most unwelcome call woke me from my excruciating, confining form of sleeping apparatus, the sofa.

 "Sir, you better get down here" 

Barely light, I shove my gear on and make for the station. 
"What do we have, Martin?" 
"Facts first, then questions and answers". 

"Missing, Gareth Jones, aged 15, was camping with his two brothers"

 "Overnight he disappears, JUST HIM, WHY HIM?" 
"Abducted?" "Gone to meet someone"? "Had a falling out and absconded?"

"Talk to the two brothers, are they hiding something?" 
"This is a missing persons case till proven otherwise."


Find out more about Young Writers competitions here

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