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Posted on: 06/10/2019

Student Council and Leadership Team

A fortnight ago, our College’s senior prefect team was formed. Polly Virgoe as Head Girl; Sam Tough as Head Boy and Conor Bennett, Noah Brierley, Izzy Edwards and Sophie White as deputies.

Our priority is to give everyone in the student body a say to what happens in our College. We want to represent the students and make sure their voice is heard.

Around the world there are constant threats to the environment: climate change and plastic pollution to name a few. We want to lead on from last years’ Enrichment Week to develop further education on recycling and the effect of fossil fuels on the planet. At Christ’s College, we aspire to helping everyone to lead the greenest possible lifestyle.

Last year, you will remember that we did some charity work for Mukono Boarding School in Uganda. This year, we want to raise as much money for charity (including Mukono) as we possibly can. We will hold regular student-selected fundraising events, so that we can raise money for people living tough lives across the world.

In the past week, we have been approached by students already telling us about their ideas about an improved College rewards system and a range of new extra-curricular activities. These are ideas that we intend to make a reality within the next 9 months.

The first College Council meeting is now only days away, and we look forward to hearing further suggestions from students.


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