Careers Information

We are very proud that we are able to offer Careers Education, Advice and Guidance to all students through the curriculum and organised activities at Christ’s College. Careers Guidance will focus on the specific needs of the individual student to promote self-awareness and personal development. It will aim to provide current and relevant information to enable each student to make informed decisions about their future. It will be impartial, confidential and differentiated to suit the requirements of each individual student.

Student Entitlement

Students can expect to have:

  • Access to information and time to research careers during school
  • People who are in the profession to come in and talk to you
  • Take part in work experience in year 10 and 12
  • Not be pressured to decide what you want to do
  • Information on the job you want to do – hours, salaries, qualifications and skills
  • Additional bespoke support for application forms and interviews

Aims of Careers and Work Related Learning

The aim of Careers and work related learning at Christ's College is to guide students towards careers which are going to fulfil their aspirations, inspire them and equip them with the skills, qualifications and experience they need to achieve their goal.  We will encourage and guide students to be ready for the world of work – whatever form that might take.

A detailed debrief on returning to College after a Work Experience placement helps the students to identify the skills they may have developed, the positive outcomes and how, if they wish, to further pursue a career in their chosen field. Many of our students have been offered part time employment as a result of their work placements, supporting them to become more independent as they move into life as a young adult. 

Many students feel confused about their future choices and many do not have a definite idea of what career they want which is why we have developed a careers programme which takes students through structured lessons (run in our VA programme) and extra-curricular activities that will enable them to make positive choices when it comes to Year 8 options, post-16 and post-18 choices.

Careers Advice

Students have access to Independent Careers Advice. Interviews are delivered in individual and group sessions where they can speak with a careers management consultant in order to help them make positive and informed choices for the future.   As well as giving advice on non-university options such as apprenticeships and vocational courses.

We host an annual Careers Evening in which representatives from a wide and varied range of industry are on hand to discuss key elements of their roles, what to expect from a typical day, pay structures, entry requirements and progression routes.

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