Anti-Bullying Policy

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect. With this right comes the responsibility of treating others with respect.

The college has a clear anti-bullying policy, which recognises that bullying exists in all institutions and that to reduce, or eradicate bullying depends on the co-operation of learners, parents and staff.

All of us have a responsibiity to help - we will not pass by if we see anyone being bulled - we will either deal with it ourselves or get help. If we have knowledge of bullying, it is our duty to let someone know.

A variety of sanctions will be used to combat bullying.

The College will offer support and counselling to both the victim and the bully.

A senior member of staff will deal with persistent bullying and at this stage, the community liaison police officers may be involved. 

If your child experiences bullying in any form, please inform his/her Progress Manager straight away.

Please click here for our anti-bullying policy.

Appointments in College Time

Learners wishing to attend an appointment in College time, such as a dental appointments, must provide an appointment card/letter. Wherever possible parents are asked to arrange appointments outside College time.

Attendance & Absence

If your child is absent from College, please telephone the Attendance line on 01483-484509, between 8.00 am – 10.00 am. We have an automatic communication system in operation that will contact you directly if your child is marked absent at registration and we have not heard from you. This is to ensure that the reason for absence is known as soon as possible and alert you if your child is not in College when they should be.

Upon your child’s return, please provide a written note to explain any absence.

The College will monitor each learner's attendance and contact you if there is a concern. If attendance is unsatisfactory, we may have to inform the Education Welfare Service. This may result in legal action. Unauthorised absence from College may, in line with government legislation, result in a penalty notice charge of £60, per child, per parent, rising to £120 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days. If not paid, the recipient will be prosecuted for the absence.

If a learner is late to College without a reasonable explanation and arrives after registration closes, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. This is to comply with legal requirements. The learner will also serve a breaktime detention on the same day. Any learner who is late more than 3 times a week will be given a CLT detention.

Change of Information

Please ensure that any changes in address, telephone numbers or emergency contact numbers are kept up to date. It is very important should there be an emergency situation involving your child that the College is able to contact you, or an adult who you have given authority, at all times. You should contact Mrs Unwin, Database Manager, on 01483 484511 or by written communication with any amendments.


Most concerns and complaints are resolved by your child's Progress Leader. However, the parent or the Progress Leader may refer matters that cannot be successfully resolved to the Head of Key Stage. The College adopts the Surrey Complaints Procedure. Please visit, copies are available on request from the College office.


Progress Leaders are the key people responsible for the overall progress and welfare of each child in their Year group. In most situations, the Form Tutor or Progress Leader will be the usual points of contact for parents, but concerns about specific subjects can be raised directly with the appropriate teacher or the Subject Leader of the particular subject. Parents who wish to see the Progress Leader should telephone for an appointment.

Teachers cannot be disturbed when teaching. We aim to respond to telephone calls within 48 hours and reply to letters within three days.

Cycling to College

If your son/daughter cycles to College, they should wear a protective helmet and padlock the bike on arrival at College. The College cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of cycles.


Detentions are set for a variety of reasons. Detentions at break or lunchtime may be set by a teacher. After College detentions are set by Subject Leaders, and Progress Leaders. CLT Detentions take place on Wednesdays after College between 3pm and 4pm.

If a student arrives to College after 8.30am and does not have a written note explaining the lateness or a phone call from their parent/carer, they will be escorted to a breaktime detention for 15 minutes.

Schools no longer have to give 24 hours notice in order to detain a child after school for 1 hour (Secretary of State ruling 16/1/2012). We do however endeavour to inform parents after 3.30pm the day before a detention is to be served by email or text message.

Uniform / Appearance

Christ's College is very strict on appearance - more strict than most other schools. All students are encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance.

Uniform must be worn in College at all times and at official functions and on some College trips. Uniform should also be worn to and from College. Students on their way to and from College represent us in the local community and their appearance and behaviour influences our reputation.

Please click here for our uniform policy.

Student Equipment

All students must bring to College every day a black/blue pen, pencils (HB, 2B, B), 30cm ruler, eraser, pocket dictionary, reading book and College Planner. Students will also need coloured pencils, protractor, pair of compasses, French dictionary and a scientific calculator model CASIO fx-83GT plus (available from the College at a reduced price). On certain days they will also need to bring their PE kit.

Hair Styles

Hair must be of a reasonable length (not less than grade 2). Students are not permitted to have shaved lines in their hair. Extreme hairstyles/hair colouring are not permitted, including a marked contrast in hair length, or any hairstyle that identifies the wearer with a particular group.

Holidays / Leave of Absence

In line with government legislation the standard penalty charge for unauthorised absence will be £60, per child, per parent, if paid within 21 days, rising to £120 if paid between 21 and 28 days. If not paid, the recipient may be prosecuted for the absence. If there are exceptional circumstances which require the student to miss days at College, please complete the Application for Leave form which can be dowloaded here. Exceptional circumstances would include recognised religious events and family bereavement. The Principal will make a decision in each case and her decision will be binding.


Lockers are available for all Year 7 students and the majority of Years 8 to 11 from the Finance Office at a charge of £20. At the end of the academic year, and on return of the locker key, £10 is refunded. However, if the key is lost and a spare key has to be issued then there will be no refund.

Lost Property

It is essential that all property is clearly marked with the students name so that it can be returned promptly. We are unable to store un-named items for a long period. At the end of each half-term any unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Neither the College nor the Authority can be held responsible for any personal property lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.


Make-up and nail varnish is only permitted from Year 10 but it must be discreet - the decision of the Key Stage Leader is final. Nail varnish must be removed for Food & Nutrition/Catering lessons.


With the exception of Years 12 and 13, valuable items including iphones, iPods, iWatch, Smartwatch and PSPs etc must not be brought to College. There is no insurance policy for lost items and as there is always a risk of damage or loss the recommendation of the College is not to bring any valuable items to College. If a parent wishes their son/daughter to have a mobile device after College, the student must hand the device in at morning registration and collect it at the end of the day. If a mobile device is seen or heard during the College day, it will be confiscated immediately and returned at the end of the week.

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