Christ’s College Local Governing Committee (LGC)

Christ’s College is part of the Good Shepherd Trust (GST). The GST is a multi-academy trust within the Diocese of Guildford. More information about the GST can be found here.

The GST has given the Local Governing Committee (LGC) a scheme of delegation which shows what the LGC is responsible for.

The key functions of the Local Governing Committee are:

  1. Agree the aims and objectives for the school.
  2. Set the policies to achieve those objectives.
  3. Set challenging but realistic targets for teaching and monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making;
  4. Be a source of challenge and support to the Principal (acting as a critical friend).
  5. Record visits to the school both during school hours (with prior arrangement with the Principal) and other events as appropriate.
  6. Draw any significant recommendations and matters of concern to the attention of the Trust Board via the Link Director of Education/CEO as appropriate.

Declarations of interest are declared and reviewed at LGC meetings and are recorded in the minutes.

Our LGC members perform a vital service to our College, supporting the delivery of a high quality education  by the Principal and staff while ensuring that all aspects are efficiently managed and stay true to our vision, ethos and values

LGC meetings are held approximately twice per term.  Part 1 (non-confidential) minutes of these minutes are public documents and can be requested from the school office.

The next scheduled meetings for 2020-21  will be held on: 6th July 2021

What are the different types of membership?

  • Ex officio members: the Principal School Leader;
  • Foundation members:  may include the Incumbent (4-year term);
  • Parent members: elected by parents of registered pupils at the academy and must be a parent of a pupil at the academy at the time of the election (4-year term);
  • Staff member: 1 member of the school staff from each school appointed as a representative of the staff (4-year term);
  • General member (4-year term).

I’m interested in joining the LGC, what should I do?

Firstly, thank you! If you would like to be considered to be appointed to the LGC you should contact the Chair via the school office for an informal chat about where your strengths and experience might be best used.


Information about the LGC can be found below.

Governance Arrangements 2020-2021

Chair of the LGC Stuart Zissman
Clerk Yvonne Morrisroe (


LGC membership information

All members of the LGC are appointed by the GST.

Parent members are elected by other parents at the school and subsequently appointed by the GST.

Staff members are elected by other members of staff and subsequently appointed by the GST.


Type of Membership

Original Appointment / Current Appointment


Term of Office

End of Office Date

Sarah Hatch Principal School Leader June 2018   Ex officio Ex officio
Rev Kirsten Rosslyn-Smith Foundation Sept 2010 n/a Ex officio Ex officio
Stuart Zissman Diocesan Foundation /Chair Sept 2018   4 years Sept 2022
Sarah Holliday General July 2019 June 2020 4 years July 2024
Jo Franklin Foundation Sept 2010 Sept 2018 4 years Sept 2022
Rachel Frier General Oct 2020   4 years Oct 2024
John Beynon General Dec 2020   4 years Dec 2024
Vacancy Parent        
Vacancy Parent        
Vacancy Staff        


Previous members of the LGC (Stepped down in the last 12 months)


Type Of Membership

Original Appointment / Current Appointment

End Of Office Date

Date Stepped Down
Ant Horton Foundation 23 March 2017 (Parent) re-appointed Foundation Nov 2019 2 March 2021
Rev Rob Lewis Foundation Sept 2018 (co-opted) Re-appointed Foundation Nov 2019 12 Nov 2020
Colin Henry Diocesan Foundation/ Chair Oct 2004 Sept 2020 1 Sept 2020


LGC Member Attendance Record 2019-2020 CC-LGC-meeting-attendance-record-2019-20-v2.pdf
LGC Register of  Interests 2020-2021 Christ's College Local Governing Committee Declaration of Interests 2020-21


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Updated 8th June 2021


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